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This  program seek not only to educate but also to entertain through the rigorous  challenges that the various queens from various nations, cultures, languages  and religions will have to overcome while showcasing the best side of their country’s cultural heritage simultaneously which can be parked for global broadcast.

Benefits of Zuri Africa


To be kept alive, tangible cultural heritage must remain relevant to a culture and be regularly practised and learned within communities and between generations. Safeguarding measures to ensure that intangible cultural heritage can be transmitted from one generation to another are considerably different from those required for protecting tangible heritage (natural and cultural). Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage is about the transferring of knowledge, skills and meaning.

Ethnic Diversity

Africa has got the largest ethnic diversity of any Continent on the Globe and Zuri Africa seeks to provide a funnelled platform to showcase to the rest of the World our unique and diverse ethnographic cultural heritage. All persons with a particular cultural, religious, racial or linguistic background must not be denied the right, in community with other persons of that background, to enjoy his or her culture, to declare and practise his or her religion and to use his or her language.

Digital Database

We seek to create a centralised digital database (video, audio and multi-media achieve) with intentions to work in partnership with multi-sectorial cultural heritage promoting agencies World-wide e.g. World Heritage, National Geographic’s, UNESCO, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Embassy’s, Ministries, Ministries of Culture and Tourism and were people of African descents exist ignoring cultural and geographic boundaries.

Our Communities

We believe each of us can build the kinds of communities we dream of. In our families, organizations, institutions, and neighborhoods, we can insist that we won’t remain isolated from those who are different from ourselves. We can transform our neighborhoods, institutions, and governments into equitable, non-oppressive, and diverse communities. 

Our Identity

Cultural Heritage plays a very important role in our lives. It is what keeps us attached to our religion, traditions & beliefs. In today’s context we refer to cultural identity which means (feeling of) identity of a group or culture or of an individual as far as he or she is influenced by an ideology of his or her belonging to…

Media Role

The long term ideology is to have affiliated Cultural Ambassadors dotted all around the World to propagate African social norms and Cultural aspects. Digital storage plays a large role in the preservation of cultural heritage. It enables the sharing of cultural and historical heritage around the world. Digital storage is not only the most popular method of preservation, but it is the trend for the future.

Our success is realised by working together, as a collective.

We pride in this noble initiative and our success is being measured by our effort, team spirit, positive attitude and strategy needed to accomplish our day to day task.