Teamwork makes the dream


We seek to empower a collective individual who are like minded for purposes of influencing decisions and choices that are in line with our core mission and vision.

Board Members

the more we are, the stronger the voice...

Ryan M. Nush

Founder & President

Vimbai M. Munengami


Africa can and must prosper. It may seem like an obvious statement, but in practice, the spotlight remains on eradicating poverty. To sustain the prosperity created, there has to be ownership. As Africans we must own the responsibility for sustaining new prosperity. It can be as simple as the ability and willingness to see growth and development across generations. Each generation should not have to start over, recreating the same systems that once existed.

Africa is our first agenda and priority! Our call is to bring solutions hence the reason why Zuri Africa was founded. If we work effectively with relevant stakeholders, then we will bring the necessary  growth and development in Africa we all seek. Africa is not one place, neither are its people and culture. The creation of prosperity must be based on country-specific strategies that will complement each other and stand the test of time.

Our strength lays in numbers and how we package and position ourselves for  both local and global opportunities. We must brand Africa in the most outstanding way possible. We are made up of 54 African countries, all bringing different opportunities and diverse culture. 

Looking forward to working with you in a better Africa we seek to dwell in.

Advisory Board

Ambassador Florence Chideya

Dr Solomon Guramatunhu

Chief Newman Chiadzwa

Mrs Nyasha

Global Strategic Partners

Tendai Nduku

Chief Strategic Partner
(United Kingdom)

Lopez Sezabo

Strategic Partner

Lilian O'brian

Strategic Partner

Peter Ngole

Strategic Partner
(United States of America)