Together We Can Ignite Africa & Forge Better Futures For A Better Africa

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We are assisting in building Africa’s capacity for purposes of promoting our cultural-heritage to the global space and enhancing  financial growth opportunities for Africans.

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Spread the word about our program. Even a small contribution will make a huge difference.

Contribute Toward Young Peoples Future

We want to create an environment for self-improvement, building of self-confidence and enhancing of young peoples self-esteem and expose and mentor them to become cultural leaders, at the same time using a global media platform to showcase and create vast opportunities that allow then to become strong community leaders.

Goal: $25 850 000 000

Together We Can Make a Difference Forge Better Futures Spread the Word

This  program seek not only to educate but also to entertain through the rigorous  challenges that the various queens from various nations, cultures, languages  and religions will have to overcome while showcasing the best side of their country’s cultural heritage simultaneously which can be parked for global broadcast.