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Africa’s Greatest Treasure Is The Individuals Who Value Their Culture… 

about zuri africa queen

Zuri Africa Queen is a premier media forum and expo for African cultural and ethnic-tourism for a Global audience and the program can be hosted by any country that embraces African cultural diversities.


Welcome To A Great Opportunity! To Rebrand And Build Africa...

This unique concept is not just by name, mission, vision and objectives but also it‟s a cultural educational and leadership program that seeks to mentor young people into ethno-cultural, sociological and effective leadership.

activities during zuri africa queen

Zuri Africa 2022 activities are themed on promoting Cultural Heritage, Tourism, investment, Growth and Development in Africa amongst the participating countries especially the sponsors.

These activities are production material which are packed and broadcasted locally and internationally by Television channels and online platforms like you tube and other social networks.

These events are held at different venues of cultural importance and are a tool to capitalise on as to promote and advance the African Cultural Heritage sector.

Vision Statement

“To expose Africa’s cultural heritage and inheritances & creating viable investment opportunities for Africans and the Global community”.

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Zuri Africa Queen 2022


This year has already began to show great signs of growth and involvement. Zuri Africa Queen has never been broadcast and we will for the first time be airing live or delayed broadcast (on your channel and other channels).

Mission Statement

To create an environment of self improvement, building of self-confidence and enhancing of self esteem. Exposing and mentoring of cultural leaders, at the same time using a global media platform to showcase our African Cultural Heritage.

We are trusted by Africans

Together as Africans we can decide to dub and tell our own story which will one day be read as part of history and true heritage collection written by Africans for Africans. Our strength lays in numbers and how we package and position ourselves for both local and global opportunities.